Strategic Leadership Development

A leadership culture with strong strategic acumen and the discipline to execute strategy well is not something that happens by itself. Rather it can be shaped through a variety of factors with an important one being the development of leadership behaviour.


Developing leadership behaviour in a strategic and systematic manner that supports the execution of a company’s business strategy is therefore of critical importance. The Brandon Hall survey from 2013 indicates that this is not such an easy task.


Today, most leadership development efforts consist of loosely connected elements such as classroom-based seminars, executive coaching and personality profiling tools. Because of a lack of a clear leadership development plan, sadly these efforts rarely deliver a marked improvement in leadership culture, let alone a more strategic leadership culture.


The approach that Strategic Leadership GmbH has developed is strategically aligned and strongly integrated into the daily business of your leaders.


SL consults senior management on how to develop a more strategic leadership culture, using the execution of the company strategy as a vehicle that managers can unite around as they develop the needed knowledge and skills.


SL designs a customized combination of development elements (examples: strategy workshops, 360° Insights, practical leadership projects, training, coaching, mentoring, online surveys, change agent workshops, focus groups etc) that together create a reality based and integrated leadership development process for all involved. The key here is to synchronize all elements to deliver a consistent message.


SL has developed an impactful but economic method to accompany its clients from start to finish of this change project where it clearly aims to make itself redundant by developing the management team to run these processes on their own in the future.



A white paper on Strategic Leadership Development is also available for download (PDF).

According to Brandon Hall’s 2013 Leadership Development Benchmarking survey, 75 percent of organizations say their leadership development programs are not very effective.


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